Hi, I'm Zia

A Front-End Web Developer

Some Things I've Built


Tech Used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Figma

A responsive website I desgined and developed for a freelance client. Mauthoor is a talent manager who works with a large roaster of social media influencers, public figures, and artists.


Tech Used: Rest API, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

A web app that uses a Rest API to fetch data on cryptocurrencies. Users can search a currency and the app will return the corresponding price, market cap, token etc.

Netflix Clone

Tech Used: React, Firebase, CSS, Figma

Built on React, this Netlfix clone uses a REST API to fetch Youtube trailers for all movies listed on Netflix. App updates to keep the latest movies on the front page.

Augmented Reality

Tech Used: JavaScript, WebGL

A web app that uses AR to allow users visualize furinutre in their physical spaces. To build this, I utilized model-viewer which is a web component that supports the placing of 3D models in augmented reality. Only available on iOS devices.

Tallie Dar

Tech Used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

A portfolio websie I created for a freelance client, Tallie dar. Tallie is a content creator and influencer who requested a unique and online website for all his ventures.


Tech Used: React.JS, HTML, CSS, Netlify

I recreated the Tesla home page using React.JS. A simple project that demonstrates my ability to develop a website from a given design.

Web App

Tech Used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Tired of taking notes? This web application will convert speech to text for you. The app utilizes the speech recognition webkit.

Al Rihla Tourism

Tech Used: WordPress, WooCommerce, Figma

Al Rihla Tourism, a Qatar based travel agnecny, approached me to desgin and create a website with a complete booking and payment system. I chose WordPress as the optimal CMS for the client's needs.

Weather API

Tech Used: Rest Api, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

A web application that allows users to search for the weather forecast for a specific location that they have entered. Restful API is used to fetch data form an open source weather API